Just weeks ago I said this in a letter to the Prime Minister…

“As a father and politician, you understand the problems and the issues. You understand the devastating consequences and costs of a fatherless Britain. We have negotiated in good faith. All I ask is that you honour your commitments. If we find ourselves victims of a broken promise then we are duty bound as parents to act.”

A few days later, (and just weeks after the first Hunger Strike outside his home) Britain experienced unprecedented rioting, much of which can be laid at the door of children who have grown up without the love, care and discipline of their fathers.

The single primary cause of our sick society is the disease of fatherlessness. A disease spread like a contagion by ideologically driven extremists who seek the wholesale removal of fathers from families as a political objective.

That must not not only be stopped, but it must be confronted and challenged.

The UK riots had nothing to do with poverty. Even in the poorest, most deprived countries families still act as glue, holding people together and setting clearly defined boundaries.

The UK riots were an institutional failure of our political and religious establishment to deal with the catastrophic consequences of family breakdown. Yes, the rioters were feral and violent with no respect for other people – but what did we honestly expect from them?

What hope is there for respect from an ‘entitled generation’ over indulged by mothers compensating for the absence of their fathers?

We remove their fathers, trash their boundaries, hook them up like addicts to the drip feed of benefits, set no rules or discipline, run schools like a Club 18/30 holiday camp and then we blame them when the consequences come home to roost.

The Police demand to know where the parents are (fighting through secret courts to see them, duh…) and the politicians start talking about using plastic bullets on our children. The children THEY created. So much for the ‘child’s best interests then’.

Given the state IS the surrogate father to this tragic generation, perhaps the STATE should take the fucking responsibility for a change. It subsidised fatherless families that created the conditions for gangs and feral youth.

Of course we could ask children to follow the wise example of their elders. Is that the strategy of the British Establishment? Institutional corruption, venality and criminality has infected the Police, Politicians and Press. It fed a toxic combination of greed and stupidity that bankrupted our country and saddled our youth with unpayable debts.

The violence and vandalism of our country by our ruling elite makes the riots look like a pillow fight on Brokeback Mountain. Without action the ruling elite will learn nothing and the consequences will continue.

I cannot express how angry I am at the stupidity of this unnecessary and gruesome multiple family pile up on the road to single motherhod.

I am also angry at the the bullshit used by those who argue single parenting is a better solution for kids than having two parents. I know its taboo to mention this but fuck it.

Why should I be treated like a heretic or a man with a globe at a flat earthers meeting? And why do people act like hysterical Animal Liberation fanatics when there is even a whisper of criticism directed at single parenting?

Well guess what? I was a single parent. So was my wife. It didn’t mean I was deluded enough to think this was the best solution. There are many disabled athletes who can compete without a limb but I doubt any would claim this was a preferable option. Likewise the emotional amputation of losing a parent results in overwhelmingly negative outcomes as the evidence demonstrates. Like it or not, it is a fact.

It’s about time there was an honest and open debate and not the media spun bullshit that passes for ‘intelligent discussion.’ But it wont happen.

It is down to each and every one of us to stand up for our children and our country by making a small sacrifice on 24th and 25th September outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. We have already taken the campaign from the home of Fathers 4 Justice to the home of the Prime Minister. Now, lets bring it home to the Queen and press for her intervention in what is the single biggest crisis facing our country.

Matt O’Connor, Founder, Fathers 4 Justice